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Il poster di presentazione è stato realizzato dallo studente Gianmarco Samuele del Liceo delle Scienze Umane Scipio Slataper 3BSU.

All’interno del programma “Guadagnare salute in adolescenza” e stato sviluppato il “Progetto danza” dei Licei Slataper che prevede laboratori e workshop con gli studenti nella metodologia peer to peer, preparazione delle coreografie per le assemblee di Istituto (concerto di natale e fine anno), lezioni tenute in collaborazione con le scuole di danza del territorio:

  • Scuola di Danza Giselle – Gorizia
  • Scuola di Danza Tersicore – Gorizia
  • Scuola di Danza Elever Contatto Danza – Cormons

Visita la GALLERIA fotografica dell’evento.

L’abstract del progetto “THINK and MOVE” è disponibile alla pag 366 dell’Abstract Book sul sito ufficiale

( Cfr. GORIZIA “Think and Move! “ pag 366)

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Health Service n°2 “Isontina”- MD Cristina Aguzzoli- regional coordinator Gaining Health in adolescence project
ISIS “Dante Alighieri” Gorizia- High School S.Slataper – Prof. Elisabetta Pontello and Students Team Gaining Health in adolescence
Think and Move!
PONTELLO Elisabetta
The Project “Gaining Health in adolescence” was promoted in 2011by the Local Health Service in collaboration with National Olimpic Committee (NOC) and the Physical Education Office.The topic is integration of healthy Diet and Physical Activity in daily life.The high school “Alighieri” (Gorizia), specializing in socio-psycho-pedagogic and modern languages studies (222 students: 74 males, 148 females), has been chosen among other schools as the promoter of this new kind of educational path because of the experience on sport as education.
-workshop for training teachers, -self assessment of the students on life styles, -shows based on peer education and dance and sports activities in theatrical performances. Health Services offered the “Healthy Snack” with seasonal fruit during sports events. The check BMI (Body Mass Index) and the Food Diary was integrated by the Movement Diary
with calculation of MET (Methabolic Equivalent of Task) and the analysis of the movement abilities through the National Olimpic Committee’s program.
The booklet “Sport e..è salute ” edited by NOC is a summary of the results from the research on the physical activities done by the students of the High Schools of Gorizia. The analysis of the data underlines that many students (more than one third of them) do not practice any kind of sports activities. The survey through the MET assessment shows that the project induced an increase of healthy lifestyles,in particular the daily walking (evidence by pedometer) .
All things considered, it’s important to state how the socio-psycho-pedagogical models (Peer to peer) have influenced all the project. Moreover, the great amount of students that have taken part to the initiative and the collaboration with Health Service and NCO, have allowed the awareness of what “health” means for young people. It is very important the empowerment of the integration also with family and community as point of reference in sports initiatives.
some questions are still open: How these projects have influenced the educational, health and social fields? After a scientific examination, the practices of the province of Gorizia have given positive results. The application of good practices realizing shows is a good way to encourage young people on their potential and overcome obstacles. This
way of learning based on life skills reinforces self-esteem.Healthy lifestyles are connecting with pleasure, gratification and the opportunity to enjoy the actions with peers Workshop on life skills and peer education to promote lifestyles.
Sharing the best experiences towards young people
Poster presentations 2: Friday, April 25, 2014, 15:00-15:30 367

Referente Prof.ssa Elisabetta PONTELLO

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